MTV F’s Up Live8

Maddox Jolie sums up how awful the MTV coverage of Live8 was, with the appropriate gesture. The coverage at AOL was by far superior.

There were quite a number of overstatements regarding the importance of the concert. While it was obviously done for a good cause, does the world care as much as they did at the time of the original Live Aid?

“This is the greatest rock show in the history of the world,” trumpeted an announcer at the start of the London concert, which kicked off AOLmusic’s global feed of this extremely long event.

This is “the single most important concert ever,” gushed a deejay on XM Satellite Radio, which carried the world’s concerts on seven distinct channels.

Not to be outdone, Coldplay’s Chris Martin announced from the London stage, “[This is] the greatest thing that’s ever been organized in the history of the world.”

Well, Chris Martin is known for his overstatements.

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