MTV ‘Skins’ Losing Advertising Support

Skins… you know, the show that premiered after the Jersey Shore extra episode last week in hopes of riding best selling author Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi poof train of success? C’mon, you know the show that MTV squeezed in right behind the Jersey Shore in hopes that the 8.45 million overly tanned fist pumpers knew no better and continued to watch the show that looks as confused as these two underaged males in bed together?

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Ugh, it’s ok. I changed the channel, too. Once the DJ Pauly D blow out is gone, so am I.

And so is Subway, according to Reuters. Subway is the fifth advertiser to pull their ads from the controversial series after a campaign by parents TV watchdog, which called for the U.S. government to open a child pornography investigation into the show, because it involves under aged teens engaging in sexually explicit behavior.

“A representative for Subway told The Hollywood Reporter the company would not be running its ads on Monday’s second episode of the drama series about misfit teens who dabble in drink, drugs and sex,” said Reuters.

MTV declined to comment about specific advertisers, but insisted they’re “confident that Skins will continue to connect with the audience it was created for and that advertisers will take advantage of the opportunity to reach them.” I.E. not everyone can make the big bucks for doing nothing, so we welcome the free controversial publicity.