MTV Movie Awards: Is Jennifer Aniston The Best On-Screen Dirtbag?

June 1st, 2012 // Leave a Comment

Holding a bottle of SmartWater (natch), Jennifer Aniston was escorted by her bodyguard into a West Hollywood gym today (June 1st).

The actress is up against Bryce Dallas Howard, Colin Farrell, Jon Hamm and Project X‘s Oliver Cooper for the first-ever “Best On-Screen Dirtbag” Gong at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards, a category that was only added this year to shake things up.

I don’t know which character is worse: Howard’s hideous Miss Hilly in The Help, Hamm’s douche-bag Im-Not-Your-Boyfriend tw*t in Bridesmaids, Aniston’s slutty/sex crazed dentist in Horrible Bosses, or Farrell’s balding, coke-addicted turn in the same flick.

Hmm, which dirtbag to chose…which dirtbag to choose…

By Kelly Lynch

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