Mrs. Cruise And Ex-Mrs. Cruise’s Awkward Run In

Suri Cruise Hanging In NYC
Suri and mom Katie Holmes spends quality time at Chelsea Pier
Looks like Katie Holmes and Nicole Kidman don’t want anything to do with one another.  The pair were both spotted in at SoHo House in Los Angeles on March 14, and when they where made aware of each other’s presence, Katie and Nicole made sure to stay far away from each other as possible.  According to an eyewitness, when Mrs. Cruise saw Nicole, married to Australian country singer Keith Urban, at the exclusive members only club, she  looked like deer caught in headlights and quickly turned the other way.  The former Mrs. Cruise was a little more indifferent about the encounter, saw Katie and coolly looked away.  

I def would have done anything to be a fly on the wall to witness that awkward encounter.  Personally, I don’t think anyone would have made a big deal about the whole thing if Katie didn’t act so spastic and just distanced herself quietly and enjoyed herself.  No need for the drama, boo boo.

Katie was seen yesterday morning, March 21, making a coffee run at a Starbucks in NYC.  She looked super cute in a cream colored knit sweater, dark blue skinny jeans, and black suede booties.