Mr. Peepers Finds His Mrs.

Chris Kattan, formerly of Saturday Night Live, has just become engaged to his model (of course) girlfriend, Sunshine Tutt. Kattan, who has been dating Tutt since spring of 2005, propsed to Tutt over the holidays–Christmas Eve to be exact–and will forever be remembered by me as an amalgam of the most distinctive characters I can remember him portraying: Mr. Peepers, the Night at The Roxbury guy and Mango. People has the exclusive:

“Originally I was going to do something very special,” Kattan tells PEOPLE. “I tried to get Bono of U2 to serenade her. That didn’t happen. Then I asked Justin Timberlake. No answer. After hundreds of phone calls and text messages, I finally ended up asking one of the members of the group Hanson. He didn’t want to get involved.”

Instead, Kattan surprised Tutt by disguising the engagement ring in a badly wrapped, cheap box.

That reminds me how I’d like to be proposed to–only instead of a badly wrapped, cheap box, I’d like the ring lodged inside a baseball and thrown at my head. Wow, I’m in a weird mood.

EXCLUSIVE: Former SNL-er Chris Kattan Is Engaged [People]


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