Mr. Chalmers Get’s His Political Post

“Please tell me this is not all you are doing with your life…. overated parties, bottle service, endless shoe stores and PAGE SIX smack talk. WAKE UP!! Your country needs you as a real mouth piece for change. What kind of country will your children or grand children be left with??” – words via Mr. Chalmers

Let’s not beat around the bush here (no pun intended – let’s just beat the Bush). The masses are not coming to this site to get my views on “why we need another aircraft carrier, more tanks, more F-16’s, etc., ask yourself: Who are we defending ourselves against??” We don’t, by the way.

I’ll leave the political speak to those who do it best: Wonkette, Talking Points Memo, Daily Kos,, Boi From Troy, Eschaton, MyDD, Andrew Sullivan, and klausfiles.

I view this blog as a form of escapism, from which the reader, can escape all the mess that this country and world is in.

My message is simple, as I’ve stated numerous times on the site. Get out and vote!

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