Most Romantic Films Including Pretty Woman, The Ugly Truth, And More! [PHOTOS]

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Quality romantic films are few and far between. Many are too cheesy, while others are just too comedic to be thought of as romantic. Obviously the point of romantic comedies is to make people feel amused. Shouldn’t they still contain a real romantic edge though? What are your thoughts on those types of movies?

Rachel McAdams and Gerard Butler are two actors who frequently star in romantic movies. They’re, in a way, this generation’s version of Richard Gere and Julia Roberts. No one could ever replace those two incredible legends. No one can deny that are sort of the equivalent though.

Pretty Woman, just like Runaway Bride, are movies people cherish, watch, and enjoy to this day. Some movies don’t get old and those are definitely examples of ones that don’t. The Ugly Truth and The Notebook are probably two other examples that people will always love. Who doesn’t love a good story about two opposites falling in love, or a man staying committed to one woman through every obstacle presented to them?

What romantic movies are your favorites? Did any of them make the cut or were they left out? Let us know in the comments below after you check out our gallery!