Morrissey Collapses On Stage

Is that the sound of my childhood crying?  

CNN reports this morning that my favorite morose vegetarian, Morrissey, 50, collapsed Saturday night while performing in Swindon, west of London.  Reportedly, he was only able to belt out one song.

He is in stable condition at Great Western Hospital, but medical officials have refused to comment on what gave him the vapors.

Whatever his condition, it looks to be an ongoing problem since he’s cancelled about a dozen concerts this year.

My official theory is voodoo.  Remember that comment he made about Modonna a couple of years ago?  Madge has finally garnered enough power to pierce the black veil and take Morrissey down!  If you don’t believe me, check out her hands of death!  I know what you’re thinking and yes, I’m a genius.

Btw, how much do you love the picture above?  It’s like Morrissey is flipping death the bird.  Get better, Moz!

Gallery info: Morrissey being the turtle dove that he always is.