Morrissey Thinks The Royals Are ‘Horrible People’ [VIDEO]

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Take that back!

Oh no you didn’t, Morrissey.  Don’t you dare try to win me back with your thought-provoking melodies, because we are on a break after your lippy interview with Stephen Colbert.

The controversial British singer appeared on The Colbert Report last night, and he did not enjoy the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, nor did he enjoy the royal wedding.  In fact, the entire celebration of majesty is lost on Morrissey.

“It’s a dictatorship,” he told Colbert.

What about the pageantry?  What about the tradition?

What about the dress?

All this was lost on Morrissey, who insisted that his country’s figurehead is not his Queen, and he is not her subject.  Well then! 

“I think they’re absolutely horrible people,” Morrissey added.

Morrissey was sore about the fact that after showing off the greatest rear in the kingdom, Pippa Middleton‘s association with the Parisian gun waver was swept under the rug by the press.

No, it wasn’t.

By Kelly Lynch

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