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April 19th, 2006 // 16 Comments

Star magazine must have amazing intel if they have this “scoop” already. Katie may have been in tears, but she probably couldn’t say anything about it due to the whole silent birth thing.

“The child weighed 7 pounds, 7 ounces and was 20 inches in length. Both mother and daughter are doing well.” Suri was born in an L.A.-area hospital – just down the hall from where Brooke Shields gave birth to her daughter Grier on the same day.

The birth went so smoothly that Holmes left the hospital within 24 hours. Holmes, Cruise and baby Suri are back home now and doing well. Suri “has lots and lots of dark hair and big, blue eyes,” says a source close to Holmes’s family. “She’s going to be a beautiful baby.”

Adds Cruise’s friend Kirstie Alley: “Tom does everything 150 percent, and fatherhood he does 300 percent. They’re going to have a great kid.”

This new refutes an earlier report that Tom Cruise built a hospital room for Katie, and that she was going to give birth at home.

I’m eagerly awaiting what Anne Archer, Jenna Elfman, John Travolta, Isaac Hayes, Giovanni Ribisi, Greta Van Susteren, Catherine Bell, Jason Lee, Danny Masterson, Leah Remini, and Juliette Lewis have to say about the birth of their savior?

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise’s Baby: A ‘Blue-Eyed Beauty’ [People]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. BS

    You cannot tell what color a newborns eyes are. This is just futher proof the baby was born weeks ago.

  2. tia

    BS im confused !! My best friend had a daughter and when she opened her eyes for the first time they were blue. She was gorgeous !! Are you telling me that we are not supposed to see the color of their eyes?? Cuz I know my god daughter has blue eyes and she still does to this day .. so im lost.

  3. liz

    Every newborn has blue eyes. They change color as they get older.

  4. Dr. Leotard

    You cannot tell what color eye a baby will have as an adult based on the eye color at birth, but newborn babies have colored irises – even freaky alien babies

  5. Olive

    The baby was born in February. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

  6. You forgot about BECK. He is a scientologist.

  7. Cheesy

    Uh, okay…

    Let’s all say it together, with Tom’s people–who should know this, having given all those seminars to Katie, the kids, and everyone else to learn about babies, by that man who knows EVERYTHING about birthin’ babies:


    What a moron.

  8. Chicki20716

    Liz – Are you sure that even black and asian babies are born with blue eyes? I was born with brown skin, and I don’t think my eyes were ever blue. Stick to what you know – PLEASE!

  9. francis

    Known Fact all baby’s are born with grayihs looking eye’s some children have more bluish hint my friend kid first was gray then brown for like 8 months then finally blue he is 3 1/2 yrs old
    My son had gryish eyes for about a week or so then hazel for about a month finally they turn brown!4 yrs old … even puppies and kittys have the same thing .. is like color proctection !from the outside light for the first time

  10. Ani

    Don’t forget Doug E Fresh. He’s a scientologist too.

  11. gOssiP

    it’s b.c babies lack melalin or something like that, it’s the dark pigmenting color, so most babies are born with blue eyes…it’s kind of interesting actually

    back to the article tho–it is ironic how MISERABLE katie looks in that pic…and the idea isn’t that far fetched in my opinion, she was just an incubator for t.c.

  12. las

    Chicki20716, stick to what YOU know. Even brown-skinned babies are born with grayish-bluish eyes. They change sometime later to the baby’s permanent color.

    You’d think that with all his much-vaunted baby studies, Tommy boy would know that. It makes sense to publicize baby’s hair color, but not eyes.

  13. CareKate

    I didn’t have a chance to post this earlier in one of the other Tomkitten stories, but speaking of strange and/or unusual baby names, I work for the Child Support Division of a state agency so I gotten to see a lot of creative baby names and here are some of the highlights:

    o One day this mom came in with her twin boys to have their blood drawn for a paternity test and I started filling out the forms. I asked her the names of her boys, she responds (phonetic spelling), “Or-an-ja-lo” and “La-mon-ja-lo.” When I asked her to spell them for me, this was the result: “Orangejello” and “Lemonjello.” I can only assume that she was a big Bill Cosby fan….

    o A beautiful little baby girl called “Sobriety Justice” (which made me assume that mom regretted becoming pregnant after a wild and drunken night, and wanted a permanent reminder about staying sober…);

    o Another little girl named “Porcelain Latrine;”

    o Yet another gorgeous little blonde girl called “Aryan.” Her last name was “Nation.” Adolf (Hitler) would have been so proud. Now, maybe, “Aryan” was simply a combination of mom’s name “Alison” and dad’s name “Ryan,” but for some reason I didn’t think so;

    o Siblings named “Tamara,” “Tonite,” “Yesterdae,” and “Todae;”

    o And then there was one of the fathers (non-custodial parent) that we dealt with named “Plezh-ur Wooley,” which is the phonetic spelling for “pleasure.” This was a skinny little black man, barely 5-foot tall, with a gold front tooth who wore a wide-brimmed hat, a leopard print polyester leisure suit and high-heeled cowboy boots. Mr. Wooley looked like a pimp. And he had a penchant for great, big white women. I mean, like, 250 pound white women!! I think he had seven different child support cases with us, for a total of 11 kids, each by a different mama. Sometimes you can’t help but get a mental image of some of these people in bed together, but when you’d see Plezh-ur standing next to some of the mothers of his children, you wondered how the poor man didn’t get crushed…I can only surmise that he conducted his business in the good ole missionary position.

    o My all-time favorite unusual name, though, came not via my work with the child support agency, but when I called Victoria Secret one day to place a catalog order. Imagine my surprise when the representative greeted me with, “Thank you for calling…this is Clitora, how may I help you?” I completely forgot why I was calling! Can you imagine going through life with a name like that? I don’t understand what some parents are thinking when they name their kids. Did they not say the name out loud to test out how it sounded? How it r-o-l-l-e-d off the tongue, so to speak? Can you imagine the grief you’d catch in school, the names they’d call you on the playground? I shudder to think.

    People, I couldn’t make this sh*t up if I tried because I’m not nearly as creative!!! My point is that it isn’t only celebrities who come up with crazy names for their unfortunate off-spring!

  14. Mariah

    Every newborn is born with blue eyes… their permanent color is evident after 6- months. :)

  15. la

    Porcelain Latrine… Aryan Nation… poor little kids. What did they ever do to anyone?

  16. Lisa

    MOST Caucasian babies are born with blue eyes. Many babies of other races are born with brown eyes, and in point of fact have plenty of melanin in the skin as well as the eyes.

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