More Sketchy Behavior from Anna and Her Posse

Anna Nicole Smith’s methods for becoming a Bahamian are being called into question. According to

The “fast-tracking” of Smith’s residency in the island nation has caused a political uproar there, with accusations being hurled that Smith’s application for citizenship was moved to the top of a long list after her $10,000 check was delivered to the personal home of the Bahamas’ immigration minister, Shane Gibson. Photographer Larry Birkhead — who claims that he’s the father of Smith’s newly-born daughter — recently told MSNBC’s Rita Cosby that Smith fled to the Bahamas “to avoid any talks of custody and visitation.” Calling the approval of Smith’s residency a “sordid affair,” the Bahaman Free National Movement alleges that Smith was given residency in a stunningly short three weeks. But Minister Gibson calls his critics “dishonest” and “disingenuous,” and insists that Smith’s residency took three months.

Still, it’s not like three months is that long either. This all seems extremely fishy.

Written by Lisa Timmons