More Rumblings Of Trouble Between Madonna & Guy

It seems like the latest issue dividing the famous couple is over their children’s education. Madonna would prefer to have her two children, Lourdes and Rocco accompany her on her Confessions world tour, much to the chagrin of her husband, Guy Ritchie.

The Daily Mail reports:

Guy, 37, and the queen of pop, 48, have had a series of furious rows because he thinks the children should stay in one place to be educated. He is growing increasingly fed up with them moving every few weeks because of the tour, which goes on until October.

How should this be resolved? Well, there are a few obvious choices: a Vogueing competition, yoga pose-down or British-accent contest.

May the best man win.

More photos of Madonna and her children leaving the Hotel de Crillon in Paris are after the jump.

Written by Lisa Timmons

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