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May 30th, 2007 // 14 Comments

Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon are reportedly still fanning the flames of their romantic relationship, with the two going to a doctor’s appointment together in Culver City, CA on May 25th. Ooh, going to the doctor. How very relationship of them. Us Weekly reports that the two left in their respective cars, but both ended up at Reese’s place.

“Jake put his hand out of the sunroof and was waving, “says an eyewitness. “They looked totally in love.”

That’s the impression he’s giving pals: “Jake said he’s found someone who knows how to look out for both of them, and not just themselves,” a Gyllenhaal source tells Us. “Reese is more attentive than anyone else he knows.”

I’m glad to get the impression that this is still going on. I am kind of hankering for some public displays of nookie, but that’s only because my life is so incredibly empty at the moment.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. Iggibella

    Is it just me or do those two seem like they would have the most boring sex ever???

  2. Iggibella…it ain’t just you!

    The first thing i thought when i read that was “Yawn, Hollywood’s two biggest milquetoast actors dating”


  3. Sorry

    Sorry Iggibella and Clarisse, but there is nothing boring or milquetoast about Jake. No, Sexy and talented…love him!

  4. Sorry

    ^^ That should say “Jake is sexy and talented….”

  5. Margaret

    I can think of a couple of reasons the two should go to the doctor together, but I have a dirty mind. I love them both, separately, but together, I think they’d yawn themselves to death. Guys, keep looking.

  6. S_M_G

    I actually find nothing sexy about Reese. Jake on the other hand is so HOT! I think the part that’s making me yawn is definitely Reese.

  7. Sage

    How did they look “totally in love” while driving and waving??

  8. Emma

    Regardless of how h-o-t-t you think they are together, they would have BEAUTIFUL children. Have you seen her kids with Phillipe? They might be the most charming celeb kids I’ve ever seen! And Jake’s even hotter than her former husband…

  9. Jen

    Hmm…what kind of Dr’s Appt? How many friends/boyfriends go to the doctor with their girl unless its a OB/GYN?

    Oh and I think they’re cute together. They’re NORMAL and I love that. Ya’ll are haters.

  10. LoRider

    OK, since we seem to be ignoring the 600# gorilla in the room, I’ll say it. Jake is as queer as a football bat. Not that there is anything wrong with that if that’s how he wants to roll, but this relationship will go no further. Especially now with David Hyde Pierce on the prowl. Rawr! Ride Lo.

  11. nanc'

    If I heard my “boyfriend” tell people I was more attentive than anyone and knew how to look out for him…I’d run. Sounds like he’s looking for a mama not a girlfriend.

  12. TD

    LoRider, Jake may be gay or bi but unless you have slept with him you can’t make statements of fact as if you know for sure. I highly doubt Jake is inviting you to join him in bed.

    nanc’, it doesn’t sound like Jake is looking for a moma but you sound like you are.

  13. rdiggity1


  14. Please

    rdiggity1, you are ignorant.

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