More Photoshop Mariah Carey Fun

July 8th, 2005 // 9 Comments

We love Mariah, and the homeless.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. wkh

    dude she’ll never live that down.

  2. ella

    She is such a “rude vile pig” (stole that from Elton John) – She did not even give that homeless guy a dollar. She just pranced over there and kneeled beside him, smiling as if everything were fine. BITCH

  3. Sarah

    This photoshop crap is kind getting old and lame.

  4. ocean

    i’m still thoroughly amused. mariah carey is a nut.

  5. oliverstwist

    i hate her, and this kinda feels wrong like it’s exploiting homeless people.
    It’s not even funny anymore. The other man, we weren’t even sure he was homeless, but this is just really sad, and kinda mean.

  6. Darrel White

    Whatever, I Love Mariah. All of you out there who make negative comments, know that you’d kill somebody for a chance to get with her. I think she’s one of the hottest, sexiest, talented women alive.

  7. le postec

    do you know which designer maria’s dress is from ? roberto cavalli ? thanks so much!
    it’s a really urgent question !

  8. Dan

    Mariah owns you all, hottest sexiest best singer, you are all owned by her!!!!

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