More On Why Owen Wilson Chose To Try And Cash It In


I know I have a heart now because I used to find this sandy-haired crooknose really irritating, but now I feel sorry for his ass. Let’s all send positive thoughts his way. It’s a tough world out there and sometimes checking out seems like the way to go for some people. But what about music, and laughter, and good times, and hot guys? They’re there! Stay strong, Owen. And to your credit, I did like the scene in “Meet The Parents” where you told them you built the gazebo for “JC”. That was pretty funny. Anyway, details are emerging on what might have led to the meltdown. Apparently, Owen’s struggled with depression for years and he had a dust-up with a close friend that might have made him go kazoo.

The otherwise affable Owen, reports the New York Post, went off the deep end Sunday just after noon, and just after a “vicious quarrel with an unidentified friend.” He was discovered at home by a “stunned family member,” says the Post.

Another theory is that his break-up with Kate Hudson might have been on his mind. She ain’t worth wasting the pills on, dude. But apparently this whole thing has her freaked out. Keep reading.

A source tells E! Online’s Planet Gossip Show cohost Tina Dirmann that the Kate Hudson breakup hit Owen really hard and he seemed to “fall into a funk” afterward. “In fact, we weren’t even sure if that’s why he seemed kind of down, because he just didn’t open up,” says the source. “But we assumed it was part of whatever he was dealing with, because that’s when he seemed to kind of change.”

Kate Hudson’s beside herself over the whole incident according to sources. She’s filming a movie here in Boston and she was all upset.

A distraught-looking Kate Hudson was whisked off the set of “Bachelor No. 2″ in Chinatown yesterday after word broke that her ex-boyfriend, “Wedding Crashers” star Owen Wilson, may have attempted suicide on the Left Coast.

“She looked upset,” said Someone Who Was There. “She was on the phone, pacing back and forth. Then her handlers came out, and covered her with an umbrella, and she was ushered into a white SUV and she took off.”

Well bitch you don’t ride a man out of your marriage and then leave him by the side of the road! When you date a funny guy, keep in mind that they’re usually the most depressed. Especially funny people who want to be on the silver screen and in front of audiences. Those people are just emotional black holes that can’t be filled. The less funny you are, the more stable. So I advise all of you to date guys and girls who are into watching a lot of CNN and wear cullottes, and like to watch birds. They won’t try to end it.