More of Kathy Griffin’s “My Life on the D-List”

Do any of you get the sneaking suspicion that I’m sleeping with someone over at Bravo? I only wish that sordid explanation were the reason for all of the Kathy Griffin here on ASL. It actually has everything to do with my obsession with the red-headed funny lady and her D-list exploits. Here’s a sneak peek at the second episode of Kathy’s show on Bravo, “My Life on the D-List,” which will be airing tonight at 10/9c. In this little snippet, Kathy’s housemate/dog walker/company whipping boy, Tom, is hanging out with Kathy’s two assistants backstage while Kathy performs at a gig. A few drinks later, and the girls have convinced Tom to put on some Kathy weave, some glitter and a bra on top of his clothes, to complete a Kathy Griffin impersonation. It’s all very Bugs Bunny.

You can check out another little clip here on YouTube, of Kathy getting some parental advice.

Don’t forget to watch!