More Mean Girls Type Shit

I’m all about being petty and snarky (clearly, or else why would I even be here?) but it seems like there is just way too much bad blood between Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan these days. Lindsay’s Blackberry was recently hacked, leading her to believe that it had been perpetrated by her current arch-nemesis, Paris Hilton, says the New York Post’s Page Six:

This week, according to Lohan’s rep, Leslie Sloane Zelnik, someone stole the password to her BlackBerry and sent her friends “disgusting and very mean messages that everyone thought were coming from Lindsay. They weren’t. We now have her lawyers looking into it. Some people think Paris may have been involved because the wording of the messages sounds very familiar.”

Hey, Lindsay. At least you’re not feuding with Naomi Campbell, who would not be wasting her time using your Blackberry to blackmail you, so much as beat you to death with it.

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