More Jolie Family Frolicking On The Beach

I love the fact that Angelina Jolie show her children so much affection. The photo above is one of countless photos in which she’s kissing Zahara’s head. It looks as if the family is getting closer to actually happening.

Star is reporting that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are currently working on a pre-nup. The major thing : Pitt’s visitation rights for Jolie’s two adopted children, “who already think of him as their daddy.” “Brad’s friend” tells the Star that “Angelina wants Brad to give up any claim on her children in the pre-nup¦ I think he’d sign anything if it got Angelina to agree to marry him.”

So much for one big loving family.

Jolie Wants Third Baby And Pre-nup With Pitt, Aniston Engaged [Post-Chronicle]