More Jolie Family Frolicking On The Beach

November 2nd, 2005 // 24 Comments

I love the fact that Angelina Jolie show her children so much affection. The photo above is one of countless photos in which she’s kissing Zahara’s head. It looks as if the family is getting closer to actually happening.

Star is reporting that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are currently working on a pre-nup. The major thing : Pitt’s visitation rights for Jolie’s two adopted children, “who already think of him as their daddy.” “Brad’s friend” tells the Star that “Angelina wants Brad to give up any claim on her children in the pre-nup¦ I think he’d sign anything if it got Angelina to agree to marry him.”

So much for one big loving family.

Jolie Wants Third Baby And Pre-nup With Pitt, Aniston Engaged [Post-Chronicle]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. sagethewise

    Okay. I am so glad that Angelina loves her kids. Mucho kudos. However, why does it seem that every gossip blog site I go to WHORSHIPS her and hates Jennifer Aniston??

    I don’t like either one of them, really, but Angelina straight out LIED to the public about her affair with Brad Pitt and for some reason she is considered a saint!!! I don’t get it! Jennifer may be a bitch, but at least she is not sleeping with married men.

    P.S. Brad Pitt is a f***ing dumbass. I can’t wait until Angelina tosses him to the side like all of her other men.

  2. sagethewise

    oops… WHORSHIPS = WORSHIPS, but I think the Freudian slip is quite appropriate here :)

  3. rif

    angelina jolie is a nymphomaniac and brad pitt is just a pretty boy.Angelina kept going on about how she didn’t need brad pitt-yeah right, what a liar.What goes around comes around. I think they’l realise that soon enough.

  4. Cheesy

    I just want to know this:

    When did Brad Pitt go from Sexiest Man Alive and turn into Pasty White Boy with Chicken Legs?

  5. Joh

    I dunno what sites you’ve been visiting but I can assure you that not ALL sites HATE Jennifer and “WHORSHIP/WORSHIP” Angelina. In fact, until recently, I’d say it’s been the other way around.

    Karma can be a BITCH- and people ought to be careful that THEY don’t get BITCH-SLAPPED wishing HATEFUL HEARTACHE on Bradley and Angelina. What is this CRAP about her LYING about her relationship to BRAD? WHY does ANYONE think that she OWES them ANYTHING concerning her PERSONAL life? JEEZ!

    I don’t think it’s so much that people think Angelina a SAINT- she is IMPERFECT like the rest of US. I think it’s what she does IN SPITE of her INPERFECTIONS that EARNS her RESPECT! One does not have to LIKE her as a PERSON or ACTRESS- But I DO THINK if ONE IS HONEST (and a big enough person) one HAS to GIVE her ‘PROPS’ when it comes to the TIME, ENERGY, HEART and MONEY she puts into helping REFUGEES and ORPHANS around the world. UNLIKE SO MANY OTHERS, she puts her MONEY where her MOUTH is! Now, if you STILL don’t “GET IT”, well, then, (sigh) I guess you NEVER WILL.

  6. Joh

    Oh I also wanna say that, I DON’T KNOW if it’s TRUE or not that Angelina is setting up custody boundaries before marrying Bradley. I HOPE it ISN’T- though I can UNDERSTAND her concern. She is PAINFULLY AWARE of just how TEMPORARY marriage can be.

    Nevertheless, I THINK now that BRAD is “DADDY” – Angelina owes the children a continued relationship with him (regardless of their marital status) as well as one with HIS FAMILY, once they begin a LOVING RELATIOINSHIP with the TOTS. I am HOPEFUL that she will NOT DENY Mad and Z. their opportunity for a LOVING EXTENDED FAMILY!

  7. sweetiepie

    Why does everyone have to use caps?

  8. Wow, little Zahara’s really come a long way since she was adopted!! She’s finally getting to look chubby like a baby her age should be!

    Love her or hate her, you can’t deny the fact that that little baby girl has definitely thrived thanks to Angie’s TLC!

  9. Joh

    I’m with you Violet Secret! Z. looks WONDERFULLY PLUMP and hopefully HEALTY! I wish we could get a clearer photo of the babe- maybe soon, eh? I love the AFFECTION Angelina is showing in the shots! I wanna see MORE! But I don’t want it to come per force. I’m hoping that Angelina and Z. will soon grace the cover of another magazine (like with PEOPLE) where the baby was relaxed and the camera successfully captured a glimpse of that SWEET nature Ive read about!

  10. rif

    To Joh
    I don’t know why you feel the constant need to defend Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie give it up I don’t give a crap what you think.

  11. Joh

    rif, I was NOT addressing YOU, I was responding to VIOLET SECRET’S (and others) comment. I am SURPPORTIVE of Bradley, Angelina, Mad, Z. BECAUSE I LIKE THEM! I see nothing wrong with that HOWEVER I do have to WONDER… What the F**K is so WRONG with your world that comments about sweet natured Z. triggered “I don’t give a crap what I think?” So tell me, rif, now that you’ve ANNOUNCED to the whole wide world just how you feel about my opinions- will you do me the KINDNESS of ignoring them, thereby SPARING me any FUTURE IMMATURE RESPONSE from ye?

  12. Joh

    To rif…

    You’ve a POST addressed to YOU under “A Day At The Beach With Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.” Normally I wouldn’t bother- but I think you NEED to READ the post! Now, PLEASE kindly IGNORE ME FOREVER, thanks!


    Angelina is a skank. I can’t wait till she gives Brad the boot

  14. rif

    To Joh-
    I really can’t be bothered arguing with you anymore especially since you write such long comments. It will be my pleasure to ignore you forever and ps I will never understand why you get so wound up by my comments.

  15. rif

    I agree with HOT STUFF

  16. Joh

    To rif:

    I had planned on not acknowledging you anymore but your statement about ‘not understanding WHY I get so wound up by your comments’ ASOUNDS and CONCERNS me. Do you not REMEMBER rudely telling me to “shut up” followed by a vulgar name? And then you turned around and told me that you ‘didnt give a crap about what I thought?” rif, this is not the way most civil human beings express themselves. I felt something was wrong with you but I never guessed a SPLIT PERSONALITY DISORDER! I say this out of kindness… get some help!

  17. Joh


    I respectfully DISAGREE. Angelina is a flawed but DECENT human being. And I can not wait to SEE her give her hand to Bradley- and raise those sweet-peas together- as husband and wife!

  18. rif

    To Joh you should chill and AFTER this comment PLEASE IGNORE ME.


    Angelina’s own FATHER thinks she has mental issues, That is why she will not speak to him,
    I totally agree with him.

  20. Joh

    To sad rif… I repeat… get some HELP!

    HOT STUFF, how very SENSITIVE of Father John to ANNOUNCE TO THE WORLD he believes his daughter has MENTAL issues. I bet he has never announced to the world the role HE played in her supposed mental condition. She SHUNS him because he DESERTED her mother and his children. In addition- his little “announcment” could have JEAPORDIZED her ability to adopt and FOR THAT HE SHOULD BE SHUNNED. When she NEEDED a Daddy- he was too busy f**king over his wife and children to be concerned. He should leave her alone now that she’s a big girl who no longer needs a Daddy. But this is neither here-nor-there- Mental issues or not, they do not deminish the good she is doing nor make her less a decent human being. She deserves to be loved and I hope she and Bradley prevail.

  21. rif

    I think Angelina takes after her father- whatever her father did to her that’s what she is doing to other ppl e.g Jen and her Billy Bobs ex-wife as well. It must be in the blood.

  22. Joh

    I am at a loss here, exactly WHAT is it that Angelina DID to Billy Bob? My understanding is that AFTER he accompanied her to Cambodia to ADOPT Mad he LEFT the family eleven days upon their return to the States. He said ‘Angelina’s got Maddox now- what does she need me for?’ or SOMETHING to that effect. In order for her TO BE like her father she would have to be MARRIED with children- out having extra marital AFFAIRS until the day she UP-N-LEAVES the husband and CHILDREN. I’m sorry… I just don’t SEE Angelina doing that! I wouldn’t bet my life here- but I feel fairly certain that she wouldn’t do that.


    Angelina’s father was only concerned for his daughters well-being. He probably did not think she would be a suitable mother and felt that a public announcement was the only way he would be heard. It is so sad to think of the values(or lack therof)Angelina will instill in her beautiful young daughter!

  24. Joh

    Nawh. I ain’t buyin’ that he was trying to “HELP” her. If I were SERIOUSLY trying to “HELP” my daughter I wouldn’t label her a nut-case on NATIONAL TV. He HAD to KNOW that his action would NOT be well received. Now, on the other hand if I were trying to “HURT” her, well then yeah, I’d DO what he DID. The man needs to accept the fact that he’s MISSED his OPPORTUNITY to be Daddy and that she doesn’t want a relationship with him. As far as Z. is concerned- I dunno HOT STUFF, I think Angelina will do the BEST she can to raise her daughter, which is all ANY parent can do. She’s been down some DARK ALLEYS- hopefully she’ll be there to help her children AVOID her MISTAKES. At least this is what I WISH for her!

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