More John Mayer And Jessica Simpson Getting Cozy As A Couple Stuff


To be with her boyfriend, John Mayer, while he’s currently on tour for his latest album, “Continuum,” Jessica Simpson took a red eye to Miami. From there, she spent the entire day with Mayer and the two hit the Four Seasons’ Presidential Suite to engage in activities I’m sure I have absolutely no desire to ever see leaked to the Internet. US Weekly reports:

According to the source, on Tuesday afternoon, the couple will hop on Mayer’s tour bus and travel together to Jacksonville, Florida, where he’s playing Thursday night, and return to the following day for Mayer’s concert in Miami.

Hey, whatever makes them happy, I guess. I just hope Jessica realizes it’s only a matter of time before Papa Joe shows up and gets his sticky little fingers all up in her business. Ewww, that sounds a lot worse when I read it back to myself, but sadly, pretty accurate.

More photos of Jessica Simpson and John Mayer enjoying each others company after the jump.

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