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A second lawsuit has been initiated against Anna Nicole Smith by her ex-boyfriend, Larry Birkhead, who claims that he is the father of her daughter. Birkhead has been trying to get a paternity test taken to determine the parentage of Smith’s 6-week old baby girl and alleges, in the suit, fraud and conspiracy. It is his belief that Anna’s stay in the Bahamas has been to avoid dealing with the preceding legal proceedings. From Yahoo! News:

In the new lawsuit, Birkhead alleges Smith provided fraudulent information when applying for her daughter’s birth certificate in the Bahamas. Smith identified her lawyer, Howard K. Stern, as the father. The lawsuit asks that Stern’s name be deleted from the girl’s birth certificate and replaced with Birkhead’s. “I am the father of Dannielynn and I think this is … a crime,” Birkhead said outside court Thursday. “I expect to be reunited with my daughter with the help of my attorneys.” A hearing in the paternity lawsuit scheduled for Thursday was delayed until early next week. “It will be up to this government entity to pursue any criminal investigation against either Anna Nicole Smith and or Howard K. Stern,” Opri said.

Expect emancipation proceedings to begin for Dainnelynn in approximately ten years, from whomever happens to end up being her legal guardian. That…is my prediction.

Written by Lisa Timmons