More Evidence That David Boreanaz Is An Enormous Creep

First it was a report that he fooled around with Rachel Uchitel, now an “aspiring” actress is suing Bones star David Boreanaz for sexual harassment.  The suit was filed by celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred on behalf of Kristina Hagan (pictured above), who shot a bit part on his series.  Boreanaz allegedly approached Hagan and asked her for headshots.  He followed that request up with a series of inappropriate text messages, including a picture of his “little” David.  Also included in the lawsuit is an allegation that Boreanaz offered Hagan a ride in September 2009, but drove her to a park to try and get busy.  There, Boreanaz tried to force himself on Hagan and when she refused his advances, he whipped out the “little” and proceeded to…uh…finish, I guess.  God, that’s gross.

More explicit quotes from the suit can be found on Eonline.  I just don’t have the stomach to type them out for Socialite Life.  This is a family site.

The suit also states that Boreanaz tried to force himself on Hagan AGAIN in late September.  In his trailer!  Now, this girl sounds like an idiot if she went into Boreanaz’s trailer after he tried to force himself on her.

So, David Boreanaz is a dirtbag whose wife of nine years, Jamie Bergman (seen here at the Grove in Hollywood, CA with Boreanaz and their baby, Bardot), needs to leave his sorry ass.  He admitted to cheating on her!