More Details From The TomKat Union

Just when you thought you were done hearing about these two, we pull you back in with some more inconsequential details and you know you can’t help but take a peek. So, somehow, Tom managed to either A) shrink his bride or B) grow at least two inches to make himself appear taller in his wedding pictures. In any case, whatever Hollywood magic was used to create that illusion just adds to the whole fakey-fakeness of the entire situation, if you ask me. And speaking of fake, here’s some more from The Daily Mail:

Yesterday it emerged that the couple had already married in secret in America. Cruise’s agent Arnold Robinson said they had ‘officialised’ the marriage in Los Angeles before travelling to Italy for the three-day Scientology wedding, said to have cost £5million. For some, the announcement cast a shadow on the event at Odescalchi Castle in Bracciano, near Rome. It was criticised for being a stunt to raise awareness of the Scientology religion. Local priest Father Nicola Fiorentini said: ‘It wasn’t a wedding at all. It was just for publicity. I can’t believe such an event was allowed to take place at all.’ The Church of Scientology’s influence was explicit throughout the event. Cruise’s best man was the church’s leader David Miscavige. A Scientology adviser was thought to have been at each table at the wedding banquet.

I love that the priest is just NOW realizing that this might possibly be a publicity stunt.

Written by Lisa Timmons