More Of Princess Diana’s Iconic Gowns Are Auctioned Off [PHOTOS]

Many of Diana, Princess of Wales’ gorgeous gowns went on the auction block today (March 15th) in London, England.

Kerry Taylor Auctions acquired the gowns, including the Victor Edelstein velvet number Diana wore to the White House in 1985.

May of the looks, designed by the late Catherine Walker, are a fond reminder of the color Diana brought to royal engagements.

The big question is: Will anyone be able to afford these gowns? 

“It’s a niche market,” Taylor admitted to the Guardian. “A lot of people love Diana but most of then can only afford the catalogue. I’m hoping a museum will buy them and they’ll end up in the public realm. She’s the people’s princess but none of her dresses are on display for the people to see.”