More ‘Glee’ Scoop. Get It While It’s Hot!

It feels as if Glee has been around forever, with the devoted fan base and boat loads of music all over Itunes.  As if Tuesday’s episode of “The Kiss” wasn’t enough, executive producer Ryan Murphy divulged even more of the good stuff.  The cast of Glee held a panel at the Paley Center in Beverly Hills Wednesday night, hinting at everything from Kurt’s McKinley return to the “Hello again, April Rhodes” (played by a superb Kristin Chenoweth).

First off, Kurt and Blaine will go to the prom together.  Yes, they are now in a relationship and YES, they will run into to all sorts of drama that befalls a couple.  Will Blaine join Kurt in public school?  Hmmmm-Murphy “all but confirmed,” according to TVLINE, that Blaine would audition for New Directions in season three.  Bye bye solos, Rachel Berry.

Gwyneth Paltrow, who plays Holly Holliday, will make another appearance next seasons.  She’s become a great fixture for the series, even acting as a sounding board for Murphy’s ideas.  Paltrow was spotted out in London yesterday, back from a busy month in Los Angeles.

The Rachel-Finn-Quinn love triangle is on everyone’s mind and will be a big part of the remainder of season two.  Who will be crowned prom queen?  Who will Finn choose?  It’s almost as pressing a matter as the Brenda-Dylan-Kelly triangle!

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Will Mr. Schuester and Emma reunite after Carl (John Stamos) gave her the heave-ho?  Who can say, although Matthew Morrison hopes it will happen: “They deserve each other and would help each other so much. So I hope it happens.”

Heading to one of Glee’s concerts this summer?  Expect 80% of the songs to be from season two, but rest assured that some of the oldies will be performed.

Oooh!  And the show just received the rights to Fleetwood Mac’s Rumors album.  Who’s our best Stevie Nicks from the cast?  Santana?  She seems full of angst these days…