More Fun Facts From Bill Hudson’s Book About Goldie Hawn & Kate Hudson

Don’t you just sometimes wish your parents would shut up? I’m sure that’s just how Kate Hudson is feeling about her dad Bill Hudson. Kate’s biological papa just released his tell all book, which aims to paint Kate and mom Goldie Hawn in a not so nice light.

We mentioned yesterday how Bill regrets not fighting harder to see Kate and her brother Oliver after the divorce, but I don’t think he really regrets the divorce to Goldie. MailOnline reports that Bill wrote about Goldie’s many affairs. Apparently, Goldie admitted to cheating on Bill with then co-star Warren Beatty during the filming of Shampoo in 1975 and cheated on him with French actor Yves Renier.

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Goldie desperately wanted an open relationship, but Bill was against it. After a particularly difficult time involving a Swedish man named Bruno, Goldie came back to Bill, desperate to get back together sobbing, “I’m in love with you. You’re my soul mate. I know it in my heart. It’s just that I’ve always believed in an open marriage.”

And don’t forget the bad mouthing about Kate and saying she’s a “spoiled brat.” I bet he’s just sad he hasn’t met her cute new baby Bingham yet. Kate doesn’t seem to let the stuff get to her. She seemed quite happy today strolling around London with fiancé and Muse lead singer, Matthew Bellamy. What do you think of the stuff in Bill’s book? Should Papa Hudson just be quiet? Leave us your thoughts in the comments!