More Alexander Skarsgard Nakedness In Upcoming ‘True Blood’

If one thing is guaranteed about the return of True Blood, it’s that Alan Ball will no doubt have Alexander Skarsgard stripping down again. Co-star Kristin Bauer said that Skarsgard just has no care in the world walking around the set in the buff.

“He was once naked for about eight hours and he’s completely comfortable with it,” she says. “He’s Swedish. My husband’s band toured in Sweden and he said that just how it is. There’s no puritanical background there. It’s nice because it makes all of us more comfortable with it.”

However, she said that there’s no indication just yet if he’ll be donning pink spandex on the show as his character does in the original book series.

“He’s not in pink spandex yet,” she said. “If it doesn’t happen, I’m going to just beg him to do it just for me.”

As for her own nudity, she’s already preparing for it. “When I’m on hiatus I never go to the gym—never!” she admitted. “But after my first wardrobe fitting, I go four days a week.”

But unfortunately for all of us…True Blood isn’t supposed to return until summer!