Montblanc Wants To Write Off Illiteracy

These celebrities have gathered together at Paramount Studios to help raise money for UNICEF’s fight against illiteracy. And I love that Paris Hilton, who assuredly cannot read, was there and dressed like a serious-looking cupcake. Timeless diva Joan Collins should have just slapped the illiteracy out of Hilton’s empty head. Problem solved!

Why was Kathy Hilton wearing a flimsy-looking lampshade? I swear, everyone else in that family likes to wear as little fabric as possible and this one looks she’s wrapped herself with at least one bolt.

Dita Von Teese looked gorgeous in her gown that seemed to blend into the red carpet under foot. But then again, when doesn’t she look amazing? If she weren’t wearing her perfectly-drawn eyebrows and lipstick, I probably wouldn’t even know who I was looking at.

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