Montana Fishburne Arrested Last Year For Prostitution

August 9th, 2010 // 13 Comments

It turns out that Laurence Fishburne‘s aspiring porn-star daughter Montana Fishburne has been having issues with exhibitionism for a while now. The 19-year-old was arrested in March 2009 for prostitution and only escaped jail time by doing a work substitution program. Aptly, she was pictured striding down Hollywood Blvd. of Pretty Woman fame on Saturday night. Montana launched for porn career this week with news of the release of “Montana Fishburne: An A List Daughter Makes her XXX Debut” later this month. At least what she’s doing is legal?  Sad, sad, sad.

Meanwhile Laurence Fishburne and his wife Gina Torres kept a brave face when they were spotted yesterday by the paparazzi.

By Lola Robertson

  1. Angela

    I think women should be allowed to sell themselves for entertainment. If it were legal, women would be billionaires, and men would be poor.
    Really! Think about it.

    • Stephen

      You stereo type men as ass lovers perhaps if you pulled your head out of yours you would realize that prostitution is NOT a victumless crime. Women sell their own daughters to prostitution and as to the financial implu=ications you conclude me would be poor; 1). Women already own the wealth in this world and 2). Not all women sell their body. There is a number of them (women) that do.

      Last how dare you stereo type men as we will all shell out monies for a piece of ass when it is free to begin wit, truly you are a Female Pig!

  2. Angela

    I think women should be allowed to sell themselves for entertainment if they wish to do it. If it were legal, women would be Billionaires!
    Really, think about it.

    • Stephen

      Dear Angela you are a sleezy slut that would stop at nothing for the dollar sure most m=women are only a ass for sale please do not include men in the picture as degenerates that lower themselves to your mentality. While there are some men that do, most women selling ass on the street end up in a early grave and the killer makes the world just a little bit better!

      Are U next? I sincerly hope so sleezy cunt!

    • Darla

      Stephen you are vigilant do not be so ardent most women are just a piece of pussy seeking to better themselves at anyones expense affterall they sell their own bodies Jesus apparently forgot to put the majority of women back up his ass where they came from and those cunts you respond to are the very ones he forgot about.

  3. Theresa

    It’s funny men gave women all these demeaning name’s whore,slut,etc. But beat if they were able to sell themselves for money you know they would!

  4. Red Sam Rackham

    “Sex is legal. Selling is legal. So why is selling sex illegal?” — George Carlin

  5. Red Sam Rackham

    “Sex is legal. Selling is legal. So why is selling sex illegal?” — George Carlin

  6. Mandingo

    Dad must be thrilled… what an utter whore…. lowest of the low..

  7. duuuuuude

    “If a key opens a lot of locks, then its a master key. If a lock is opened by many keys, then it’s a shitty lock.”

    I find this statement to be generally true. Not all things are equal in this world but either way, people shouldn’t be ashamed of what they do if they can find balance in their lives (from THEIR point of view, not society’s).

    And as a few women said already, if it were legal (AKA if the ones running our country weren’t a bunch of prudes) you would see less risk for the women and their customers.

  8. Marla

    Now, isn’t she a jewel. Just love making papa proud.

  9. Hedgehog

    I would like to see Montana do a scene with Ron Jeremy

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