Monica Bellucci Takes On A Different Role

We all know Monica Bellucci is an Italian beauty, known for her stature as a sex symbol. The director of her latest film “The Stone Council” wanted her to take on a more challenging role of the girl next door and she pulled it off extremely well. “The director really wanted me to look ordinary and less Mediterranean,” she stated. In order to achieve this Monica was made to crop her hair short, wear minimal amounts of makeup and wore ordinary clothes to make the part work.

“The Stone Council” is a French science fiction thriller about a desperate mother played by Bellucci whose adopted Mongolian son has been kidnapped by a mystery organization. Sophie Marceau was originally cast for the part, but later dropped out and that is when Monica stepped in. This role is far different than that of the role of the voluptuous baroness on the Italian island of Elba she portrayed in “N (Napoleon and Me).” Monica said she enjoyed playing this character in the film “The Stone Council” because this average woman finds strength in her love for her son and is ready to die for him. No word on when this film will be released in the United States.

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Written by Christy Pastore

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