Molly Sims Launches At The Bryant Park Hotel

Socialite Life snagged a seat at The Bryant Park Hotel yesterday for a peak at Molly Sims’ Grayce jewelry line and were delighted by both the bright colors mixed with metals and the model’s sweet southern charm. The Las Vegas star just launched her site and will soon be writing a blog on the site. “I suck at social media,” she said with a laugh, “but I’m getting better.”
Molly’s jewelry line was inspired by her mother, Dorothy Sims, one of her best friends and biggest supporters. Her mother taught her “since I was five years old, be graceful and grateful,” thus the name of the line. When Molly was young her mother would go to yard sales and buy boxes of jewelry for ten dollars and sort through them to find amazing pieces. When Molly started modeling she would layer on her mother’s “jewelry wardrobe” and became known for her unique pieces. Now things have come full circle as Molly launches her new line with her mother by her side to help pack up boxes from trunk shows, draped in her daughter’s jewelry.

Besides the new website, Molly is selling pieces at Henri Bendel where she worked the floor recently to gain the selling perspective. Costumers would come ogle over the jewelry and those who recognized her would suddenly go white with shock. Molly, who wore Diane Von Furstenberg to the event, swears people don’t usually recognize her without makeup. As this glamorous woman talks to you with her sweet southern accent and down-to-earth attitude you believer her.

In fact, you get the sense that Molly is many different girls rolled into one: the “made over” model, the good friend and daughter, the poised actress, and now the wide eyed, learning-as-she-goes jewelry designer. Similarly, she has created her collection for four different types of girls: the All-American girl in jeans and a t-shirt, the fashionista New Yorker, the Cabo-bound jetsetter (where she’s headed for her birthday on May 24), and the red carpet glamour girl. But she wants the pieces to fit everyone’s budget.

“It’s great to have money, I do,” she says with a laugh. “I have a good sum of money, but I really don’t want to constantly spend $700 on a necklace.” So Molly took inspiration from the vintage pieces she grew up with to create classic looks for necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets priced from $75-$250. 

Click through the gallery to check out some of the pieces or go to I’m seriously coveting the statement necklaces. They are lucky I didn’t walk out with this.