Molly Sims Feels Sorry For Heidi Montag

Molly Sims is really happy about the picture we ran in March of Heidi Klum eating Pizza. You see, Sims is all too familiar with the obsessive drive for a perfect body. The former model recalled her efforts to meet the physical expectations in the fashion industry during the launch of her website at the Bryant Park Hotel yesterday (May 5).

“I remember the days when I ate rice cakes, and honey and bananas. Not fun, you know.” But Molly realized that no matter how strict she was with her diet, she could get to a certain weight and that was it. Starvation wasn’t going to give her a different body.

Today Sims feels good when she eats healthy and works out with Tracy Anderson, the hardcore trainer to the stars. Her routine includes doing cardio with added weights and heating pads to work up a good sweat. It’s tough, but it’s so much better. “You feel good, you look good” is her attitude.

These days Molly tries to mentor young models to follow her lead. “I know the business, I know what’s expected, I just wish the girls would do it in a much healthier way,” she laments. “You have to eat something, you can’t smoke freaking two packs of cigarettes and drink fourteen cups of coffee!”

This is why she’s happy about the photograph of Heidi Klum nibbling on a slice. “It’s great to see Heidi eats a piece of pizza, you know what I mean, because the girl eats. We eat, but you guys don’t see it.”

Perhaps Heidi Montag should check out the picture. The reality star, who recently underwent a marathon of plastic surgeries, is an example of where things have gone wrong in our society if you ask Molly. “That girl was a nice normal girl from Colorado,” she reflects, “but she has F boobs and she did 11 surgeries. I feel sorry for her. I feel sorry for whatever happened along the way. It’s really sad.”

Maybe the next girl that gets comes on the bus to LA from Colorado will run into Molly instead of Spencer Pratt.