Mollie King Gets Grilled About Prince Harry [PHOTOS]

A Smiling Prince Harry
Prince Harry has fun with the kids at Wellchild awards.
Mollie King joined her bandmates from The Saturdays, Frankie Sandford and Rochelle Wiseman at BBC Radio 1 this afternoon (April 16th) in London to promote their latest single,”30 Days.”  Wearing a figure-hugging blue polka dress and brown sandals, Mollie gave a big ole Sienna Miller-smile to the cameras before hopping into a waiting car.

During the interview, King was pressed for information on her love life.  As of late, the blond has been linked to none other than His Royal Highness, Prince Harry.  Mmmmh, lucky girl.

According to OMG! UK, King’s silence spoke volumes.  Though she joked with the djs that she was dating the station’s Aled Jones to avoid that question, there was no getting around the elephant in the room.  “Would you say Justin Bieber is the PRINCE of pop?” presenter Nick Grimshaw asked King after the girls confirmed they are big Justin Bieber fans.  

While sexy saxophone music played in the background, King just continued to giggled, but otherwise kept her lips sealed.  Her relationship with Harry is nothing more than a rumor at this point, but what fun King must be having!