‘Modern Family’ Star Sofia Vergara Dances Up A Storm On ‘Sesame Street’ [VIDEO]

Modern Family star Sofia Vergara managed to pull of what we thought was impossible: look super sexy but still be on a kid’s show. See, Katy Perry may not have pulled it off, but someone can. The Latina actress made a guest appearance on Sesame Street to teach Elmo how to “baile” in honor of Spanish Heritage Month. For those out of the know, baile is the Spanish word for dance.

Check out the clip after the jump. It’s adorable. Sofia is clearly reading from cue cards, but she does it with such gusto, it’s quite fun. Plus, wait till the end when she, Elmo and the other muppets start dancing. Haha. I wonder if she’ll take any time to plug her new clothing line?

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Sofia sports a conservative green blouse in the clip, which is lovely, but nowhere near how fantastic her 2011 Emmys dress was. But of course, this is Sesame Street and not the Emmys. I’m sure boyfriend Nick Loeb loves her in anything she wears. Or doesn’t wear.

Make sure to watch the clip of Sofia and Elmo getting their baile on after the jump. I love Sesame Street. Quality stuff. And definitely check out the photos in the gallery of Sofia and Nick to appreciate how good that woman looks all the time. Well done Sofia, well done.