‘Modern Family’ Sarah Hyland All Grown Up On YRB Magazine

Sarah Hyland plays 16-year-old Hailey Dunphy on hit show Modern Family, but the young actress looks all grown up on the cover of the latest issue of YRB Magazine.  The 21-year-old actress got all fancied up for the  front page shoot while chatting with Chelsea Lately writer and panelist, comedienne Heather McDonald about her ABC comedy, her relationship with her BF of two years Matt Prokop, tabloid rumors, and how she gets all prettied up for big Hollywood events.  Oh yes, and what she thinks about Justin Bieber’s baby scare.  Like she really cares but whatev…

The interview is mega extensive so check out some if the highlights after the jump.

On who her favorite Modern co-star is:

“Oh, that’s hard. Everybody asks that and I always think it’s really unfair. I generally love everyone, but me and Julie [Bowen] are really close and I love hanging out with Julie. But Sofia [Vergara] is also amazing and Jesse [Ferguson]. It’s one of those things where I can’t decide. It’s one of those things where you start to answer it and then you’re like, “Oh, but no but Ty, oh, but no not Ty, Jesse.” You know, it’s really hard, you can’t really give a hundred percent straight answer.”

How she met cutie patootie Matt Prokop:

“We just were talking and stuff, I mean, it was a three-day process so we had to know the people that were there or else the time would just be miserable and stressful. We figured out that we had a lot of mutual friends in common, and we were just talking and we became, back in the day [laughs], MySpace friends. [We] were friends on that because I lived in New York at the time. So we were friends first, which I always think is best.”

Regarding Enquirer reporting her sudden marriage to Matt:

“Yeah, it’s ridiculous. Someone tweeted me it [and] I read that. It was so weird. It was hilarious, I couldn’t stop laughing. Not true, we’re 21 – that’s too soon. We’ve said in interviews that we act like a married couple, so maybe that’s where they got the story from. But it said that there was an inside source that said we were tying the knot in 2012, I’d like to meet that person that was the inside source.”

On how she gets ready for Hollywood events:

I have a stylist, but I usually wear stuff that I have in my mind already. And this past summer season I collaborated with Christian Siriano on a dress because I didn’t just want to pick out something because I had an image in my mind.

How she’s similar to her Modern character Hailey Dunphy:

“Haley and I have exactly one and a half things in common: neither of us can cook to save our lives, and I always have my phone on me. My phone is the half thing — but only half — because I’m not always texting. I always forget to text people back, even though I have my phone on me. There are a lot of things that might slip Haley’s mind during the course of a day, but texting somebody back is not one of them…”

To catch the rest of the interview with Sarah, make sure to visit YRBmagazine.com!