Model Watch: Double Your Pleasure

Abercrombie & Fitch is always packed full of young, tanned, delicious-looking models and is a soft-core staple of their advertising campaign. Nearly nude models have become A&F’s catalogue trademark in recent years and this tactic has proven to be a profitable weapon, not surprisingly, since as we all know, sex sells. And, predictably enough, it has continued to work magnificently, with registers heating up with an increase in sales with every firm, bare bum exposed.

While beautiful female models strut their long legs across the mainstream of fashion, male models have their own domain. Perhaps the only thing more striking than seeing a gorgeous gown of taffeta or a flowing silk frock being breezed down a runway by a tall, slender, Brazilian goddess, would be an identical pair of six-foot, tanned, sweaty, ripped men. The twins to whom I referring are a rugby player and varsity baseball star who got their start semi-nude in the A&F quarterly in 2001.

More Twin Rundown and More Hot Phots After the Jump.

Kyle and Lane are adding magazine after magazine to their growing resumes, as well as commercials. You can see the Toyota ad featuring the twosome on TV now. The men are established models and an Abercrombie staple.

Personally, I’m waiting for them to break into the world of couture with a bang, to be followed immediately with a much-needed cold shower.

The twins have even crossed the nudity barrier and photos of their tight rumps have been known to make women chase them around with their panties around their ankles and turn gay men into “magical unicorns in heat.” The twins are a great investment for any label looking for sex appeal. Keep your eyes peeled for these two on a runway near you.

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