Model Spotlight: Nick Ayler

September 21st, 2010 // 2 Comments

Let me introduce you to Nick Ayler. Hopefully you’ve caught your breath.

DNA’s Sexiest Men Alive has charmed the pants off almost everyone that he’s met. Sexy and charming? Who could ask for anything more? According to photographer Richard Gerst, who shot the amazing DNA pics, that on a lunch break during the shoot “heads were literally on ball bearings when we broke for lunch at Babette’s in East Hampton; people were dazzled by his charisma.” However I have some bad news girls and boys. Nick’s got a girlfriend.

Nick is also and aspiring actor who is currently mulling over scripts for NY live theater and is setting is sites on Los Angeles as well.

Now back to the photos. Here are some shot’s from the DNA’s Sexiest Men Alive issue along with some never before published out-takes which were shot in downtown Manhattan on the street as Nick dressed, just after we got the swimsuit (AussieBum®) cover shot.

Plus we’ve included a couple of shots of Nick (again shot by Richard Gerst) as a country horseman which we shot in East Hampton from a different shoot, and finally a recent shot by David Arnot here in New York that shows Nick like a lover awakening in morning light in the sheets.

Nick is rep’d by Orb Models in New York.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Dan

    …when it comes down to it, Nick Ayler is so sexually attractive I’m in a quandary. Much to Nick’s delight to hear that I’m sure. He has a very sweet and gentle looking face.
    Most of all I’m not surprised that he has already got a girlfriend, lucky her…

    Appealing men as he is, seem good enough to eat. Lust has never been activated so powerfully for us strangers.

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