Model Micaela Schaefer Shows Side Boob At ‘MIB3′ German Premiere [PHOTOS]

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I think Germany’s Next Top Model contestant Micaela Schaefer is wearing strips of video tape attached to a collar.  I’m not 100% sure, but that’s what it looks like.  Isn’t it nice to show off what God gave you, right in the middle of a red carpet premiere?  Careful where you put that fashion tape, sister.

Schaefer was only one of many German stars with indecipherable names at tonight’s premiere of Men In Black 3.  Thankfully we were able to recognize a few familiar faces, including Will Smith, Josh Brolin and Nicole Scherzinger.

Scherzinger and fellow X-Factor USA judge Paula Abdul got the heave-ho after the show’s inaugural season, and today Demi Lovato was confirmed as a judge on the new season (in addition to Britney Spears).