Model Kaylan Morgan Shows Off His Killer Bod For 2(X)Ist

Model Kaylan Morgan
40+ of Kaylan's hottest modeling pics!
Our recently featured Male Model Mondays addition, Kaylan Morgan, is featured in the Spring/Summer 2013 campaign for 2(X)Ist’s swimwear line, Speed.

The Underwear Expert chatted with Kaylan about modeling.

UE: Could you talk about how you were scouted? Some sites have said you were scouted during a construction job. 

Kaylan: That’s not entirely true to be honest with you. I’ve done every type of construction there is from driving 18-wheelers to building houses to being the foreman. Everything. I moved up to California after Katrina. My brother models–he begged me to model. He had it set up with the scouts at his agency. One day he tricked me into coming to the agency. He was like, “hey, why don’t you come out to San Francisco.” So I go to San Francisco and next thing you know he pulls up in front of the agency and they’re sitting there waiting for me! Two days later I was on the front cover of a magazine that pays a couple grand and I was like “alright, we’ll see what happens.” So far, it’s been good. I don’t know where that whole construction thing came from.

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UE: Ok, let’s talk about modeling. You’ve done a lot of different shoots including campaigns for perfume and for underwear. Could you talk about the differences between shooting a perfume ad and an underwear ad?
Kaylan: Well when you’re modeling for a fragrance, it just feels high-end. You walk in there with a different attitude. You’ve just gotta impress, you gotta be confident. You gotta out-perform anybody that’s there, including all the expectations you have for yourself. I dunno though, I guess I go in with the same mindset for every job.

Launch the gallery to check out more pics of Kaylan from the 2(X)Ist campaign, and then head on over to The Underwear Expert for the full interview with Kaylan.

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