‘Mob Wives’ Hot Mess Big Ang Likes To Keep Things Glamorous [PHOTOS]

Angela Raiola aka “Big Ang” is Mob Wives’ breakout star, so say the fans.  The bar owner, who did time for selling cocaine (per The Smoking Gun) and now likes to boast about the glamorous life of a VH1 reality star, talked to Complex about how awesome it is to have cameras follow her around.

Who can ya trust, Big Ang?  “You never know. You think you can trust people, and then again, they stab you right in the back. I have my guard up 24/7. I’ve been there before.  I had one of my friends become a rat and informant on me, I got arrested and did house arrest, so I know what it’s like when someone rats you out and violates you. You never really can know a person.”

PS-Raiola has a crush on the late John Gotti.