Mmmm. Blind Items.

January 20th, 2006 // 26 Comments

Mmm. A gay action star? You don’t say.

WHICH foreign-born action star has a sexual split personality? The actor recently visited a bar in L.A., ordered a drink and told the bartender, “Tonight, you see me like a tiger.” Many drinks later, he was seen making out with another man. Many, many drinks after that, he was caught indulging in a lewd act in the men’s room . . .

WHICH art gallerist’s relationship with his girlfriend took a nose dive when she caught him watching gay porn? . . .

WHICH prefab pop cutie has a bad habit of getting drunk and blurting out that she once had an abortion?

(Source: Page Six)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Jeanie

    the action star – Jackie Chan, i’ve always thought he was gay.

    prefab pop star – ms. lohan or ms. simpson (daddys baby could be havin no baby)

  2. Tellitlikeitis

    I’m guessing Jean Claude Van Damm for the first one and either Christina A or Jessica S for the pop cutie… no wonder Nick kicker her sorry ass to the curb.

  3. I’m going to go with…

    1) Jean-Claude Van Damme or Pierce Brosnan (I was thinking Vin Diesel, but he’s not foreign-born).

    2) No clue — don’t know of any art gallerists!

    3) Kelly Clarkson or Christina Aguilera.

  4. Whodis?

    (1) is jean claude van damme. longstanding hollywood rumor has it he’s got pedro zamora-itis as well … but doesn’t everybody know that already? natch!

  5. doofus

    I guess VanDamme for the first one, too.

    for the “prefab pop cutie”… Jessica Simpson and Asslee Simpson are definitely “prefab”, but I don’t think they’d qualify as “cuties”…I was thinking Kelly Clarkson for that one…or maybe Hillary Duff?

  6. Snobetty

    i think the first is the guy from x-men,

  7. Marnie

    People, you have it all wrong. The gay action Star is none other than Van Helsing & X-man fame Hugh Jackman. Without question, he is a gay man living a double life. It’s an open secret here in New York City where he doesn’t try to hide it. In fact, he’s the least butch man you would ever meet in real life. Shockingly so.

    As for abortion girl, everyone in LA knows that Ms. Simpson can’t hold her liquor or her drugs. She becomes an open book as soon as that ecstacy kicks in (you all know what I’m talking about).

  8. jagexpress

    1) Jet Lee
    2) Am not an Art Fan
    3) Jo Jo

  9. Krystyn

    Jackman is a good answer! I thought Van Damme too.

    don’t know about art

    and I was thinking Ashlee Simpson.

  10. lulu

    hmm dont you think the “pre-fab” pop cutie has to be Britney… she’s obviously not fabulous anymore although the cutie part must still be referring to the past

  11. Krystyn

    Or, prefab could allude to American Idol, and it would be Kelly Clarkson…

  12. opticoax

    Whoever he is, I bet he did some Van-Damage to the other guy’s rectum.

  13. doofus

    hey lulu…

    just FYI, I think they meant “pre-fabricated” when they said that.

    like the Spice Girls were a pre-fab band. one that was “made” by a producer, not one that came together in the “regular” sense, like the Beatles.

    OY, I can’t believe I just mentioned the Spice Girls and the Beatles in the same sentence…may John, Paul, George and Ringo forgive me!

  14. joe

    when /how do we get the answer

  15. QueenB

    It is SOOOOO NOT Hugh Jackman. Not gay. Not gay. and I repeat…Not gay.

    I go for either Jean-Claude Van Damme, Jackie Chan or Jet Li.

    For the other I say Christina Aguilera for all her time she likes to spend at Scores or Jessica Simpson for all the time she just likes to spend anywhere there is a camera.

  16. j/k

    i would speculate that the art dealer could be larry gagosian, but that’s really just a shot in the dark

  17. mg

    I’m going to say Vin Diesel for the first one! There are iffy rumors about him.

  18. ilostmyshoe

    1. I’m thinking it’s the new guy who got picked to play James Bond.

    2. who cares

    3. Hillary Duff Something tells me La Lohan would be too obvious. Maybe Avril Lavene (sp)

  19. Stewie Griffin

    The first one has to be Jean Claude Van Damm, it’s no secret he’s a sex addict and swings both ways. I can totally see him using that pick up line on the bartender with his accent. Hugh Jackman doesn’t strike me as being trashy enough to get busy in a public restroom.

  20. mia

    # 1. is Vin Diesel people….I know because I was there !!!!! It was a tad creepy.

  21. ev

    Vin Diesel is not FOREIGN BORN

  22. nyc

    first one, I say, is Yun-Fat Chow from “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”, directed by John Woo, who also did “Face/Off” (split personality)

  23. Cha Cha


  24. Skye_elle

    Jackie Chan is not gay.. he has a 21 yr old son and a 5 yr old bastard daughter.

    I think the first one is Hugh Jackman. read some articles which say he is a total queen.

    Third shd be Britney. She was prefab and she used to be a cutie and who was she kidding with all the “im going to be a virgin till i marry” crap

  25. wild~orchid

    what about mandy moore? she’s a “prefab” pop star, but a full fledged actress, and she dated that Fez guy, too.
    Or jessica simpson…

  26. Hmm..

    The first thing that came to my mind was Arnold Schwarzenegger… I don’t know if it could be him, though… he’s been trying to repress his old image of being a womanizer and what gay man, who wants to be thought of as straight, would try to stifle the straight-press… So, in other words… I’ve no idea

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