MJ Haunts James Brown’s Funeral

Reuters reports that Michael Jackson was at James Brown’s funeral looking deader than the actual corpse.

Michael Jackson showed up at the funeral of James Brown in Augusta, Georgia, on Saturday. The Reverand Al Sharpton officiated and had several comments regarding ‘The Godfather’ and the ‘King of Pop’

“I don’t care what the media says tonight, James Brown wanted Michael Jackson with him here today,” Sharpton said in a booming voice.

“He said … ‘I love Michael.’ He said, ‘Tell him don’t worry about coming home. They always scandalize those that have the talent. But tell him we need to clean up the music and I want Michael and all of them that imitated me to come back and lift the music back.'”

On his deathbed, he was worrying about the public’s perception of Michael Jackson at his funeral? Talk about micro-managing.