Miu’s Musings: Prince Harry Inspires at Inviticus Games, Katy Perry Addresses Selena Gomez/Orlando Bloom Rumors and More

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He's also one of the cutest royals.
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What was Prince Harry up to April 28th, 2011?
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Prince Harry inspired a lot of people during his closing ceremony speech at the Inviticus Games.

In his remarks at the closing ceremonies on Thursday evening, Harry saluted the athletes and moments that embodied the spirit of the Games.

“I know by your nature you all want to win, but these games are so much more than that,” he said. “Invictus is so much more than that.

“What could explain the remarkable sportsmanship of Mark Urquart in sacrificing gold on the track to push Stephen Simmons into first place? Invictus!

“How else could I describe the way I felt seeing Tim Payne, a man I met three years ago to the day, in his hospital bed at Walter Reed, beaming as he wore his gold medal round his neck? Invictus!

Watch his speech below.

What the hell is going on between Katy Perry’s boyfriend Orlando Bloom and his good friend Selena Gomez?

TMZ posted photos of them being very handsy with one another in Las Vegas last weekend but is apparently not what it looks like, Perry cleared up this evening.

Gomez broke her silence to respond to this, with and emoji:


Then she added a quote from her song “Revival” to send the message home:


Two members of the cast of The Walking Dead came to the assistance of motorists in Peachtree City involved in a May 12 traffic collision near the show’s Peachtree, Georgia, set.

Norman Reedus and Steven Yeun actors stuck around the scene to lend a helping hand, and wait until paramedics arrived to provide medical assistance.

The Walking Dead began filming Season 7 earlier this month in nearby Senoia.

Singer Nick Jonas has just released his new song “Chainsaw” from his forthcoming album Last Year Was Complicated. Take a listen and swoon.