Miu’s Musings: Justin Bieber’s Naked Butt, Adam Lambert’s ‘Can’t Go Home’ and More

This is a random stream of what is happening in Hollywood, pop culture and in the world via Miu von Furstenberg.

Justin Bieber really does love showing off his ass. As far as asses go, it’s not too shabby. How would you rate Justin Bieber’s ass compared to his penis? See his bare booty below.

Dat ass doe @johnny photo cred

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I cannot get Adam Lambert and Steve Aoki’s “Can’t Go Home” out of my head. I am totally obsessed with this song!

Happy 30th birthday Lady Gaga!

I am just a little more than worried for the fate of Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead. Do you think Daryl is done for? What about Maggie’s baby? Things are not looking good for either one of them.