Miu Returns Tomorrow!

October 17th, 2005 // 16 Comments

Don’t fret kiddies, Miu will be back from vacation tomorrow (Tuesday), to bring you all the gossip that your little hearts desire, even though the world has officially ended now that Cory Bernstein (AKA “Cory the Model”) has a “leaked” sex tape. I’m sure you’re all asking who the fuck is Cory Bernstein (he’s not one of the hot Brazilian men pictured above)? It’s better off that you just don’t know.

Thanks to Almondine Barkingprawn for keeping everyone in the loop during her absence.

[Photo via Made In Brazil]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Johnny Chicago

    Ick, an over-the-hill “model” has had his jacking tapes “leaked” to the press/world/whoever?

    He’s a poor man’s Fabian Wasabe, or whatever the hell THAT G-Lister goofball is named…

    I’ve already got a good name for the DVD of this disaster – “A Queer Guy and his One-Eye.”

    Remember, you heard it here first on A SOCIALITE’S LIFE!


  2. Andy W

    He’s a fucking old, ugly, horse-toothed jackass. Who wants to see him flogging his log?

  3. Welcome back, we Yissed Miu.

  4. Cynthia

    I think his name is Fabian Wannabe…..

  5. Gunnar Nelson

    Y’all are just haters. If you could see and manhandle his manhood you’d be singing another song. He’s gorgeous and really a lovley sexy intelligent guy! Don’t be hatin coz he won’t get with y’all. Say your prayers ugly people and pray that you could be 1/10 as hot and sexy as Cory. And he doesn’t have no white trash HIV either! Piss off.

  6. tempy


  7. Johnny Chicago

    Dear Gunnar -

    Now, I can understand you kids and your latent identity issues, and I guess acting and sounding black is one thing, because there are no more White heroes anymore (can anyone say Prez Bush?), but when you dress like a hood it kinda amps it up to another level, but I guess if you need to buy $30 wifebeaters from Eminem, that’s okay, but when you start actively and PURPOSELY start writing like an ignorant gangbanger wannabe knucklehead? Well, that’s just sad, kid.

    As OJ (one of your Black idols) would say, “Really, man.”


  8. I’d really just like to say that I have no idea who this “Cory” person is, but I do feel qualified to say his website looks like ass.

  9. mint

    What are you going on about? And in what world is OJ a “Black idol?”

  10. e

    I quite enjoyed Barkingprawn’s posts. I’m just glad that someone was minding the store whilst Miu was off gallivanting, or whatever Miu was doing. Thank you.

  11. It would still be fun to watch!!

  12. jennylicious

    People get so jealous over that model Cory Bernstein it’s a joke on here ever since he went out with Paris Hilton. Gunnar is the man in the know on here, and Johnny fat ass Chicago is just another fake hater wannabe know it all, all alone behind his dirty desk. Who cares if the guy used to model for Gianni Versace,atleast he modeled for them which is more than I’m sure Johnny Chicago can say. I want to see Cory’s cock for sure even out of curiosity even though I heard it’s big, and Johnny is just jealous that Cory is always in Skyline with pictures of him with his famous friends and doing charity work and raising money for poor people,while J Chicago is pounding his meat alone on the web spewing hate. Gunnar rocks out and i’m with the rest of you i want to see it and get ones for my single friends for Christmas,I happen to like good looking nice celebrities,especially showing big cocks on DVD!

  13. ari

    enjoy the vacation girl. can’t wait to see yah back and all the gossip you shall bring with. hell yes.

  14. Kris

    Aaaahhh! These preppy boys want to poke your eyes out! But seriously,what are they are doing with their hands? I’m guessing it’s their gang hand signal.

  15. francine

    Jennylicious right on girl,tell it like it is. Cory Bernstein the model is one of the nicest guys around and if some poor bitch stole his tape and trying to sell it im sure Cory has people who will handle it all. It isn’t out yet, it only is a rumor so far the whole thing from what i say.

  16. gay rumor

    I want to see the Cory Bernstein sex tape even if he is a snob.I don’t want to marry him just see the DVD. I bet it’s a good one and I hear he’s real big.

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