The Girls Facebook page shared a photo with the caption “Share your own #mistakesGIRLSmake”. The photo is of our favorite leading lady, Hannah Horvath, on the subway napping, as remembered in one of the closing scenes in the season finale.

Personally (and very fortunately), I have yet to fall asleep on the subway. Been tempted to on many occasions, especially on my way to work, but the smarter half of me (the paranoid half of me really) cautiously keeps an eye out for the nearest fire exists. Though, I do know a handful of ladies who have fallen asleep on the subway, so I understand these things happen.

Other mistakes that I have had the pleasure (but mostly not) of encountering are the following:

1.) Admitting to love/hate reading a self help book. I did and immediately regretted it because I got shit from all my girlfriends. #saveyourselffromselfhelpbooks

2.)Facebook stalking my ex-boyfriend’s (and crush’s, let’s be honest) girlfriend and insulting each picture like it was my job. #admittedlyfacebookstalking 

3.) Relying on someone else to watch my girlfriend at a party. She threw up in a McDonalds bathroom by the end of the night…. #worstfriendawardgoesto

4.) Lying on a bathroom floor that wasn’t my own. Thinking about it still makes me cringe. #idisgustmyselfsometimes

5.) Attempting to seductively eat… anything (Let’s face it, Marnie can eat liver attractively whereas I can’t.) #whydoievenbother

6.) Having a relationship seemly through text. #21stcenturykindofgal

7.) Neglecting to keep track of my monthly friend… I’ll leave it at that. #awkwardunderwearstains

Any I have neglected to mention? Leave a comment with your own #mistakesGIRLSmake