Missing Music Producer Turns Up Naked And Confused

The music producer, Christian Julian Irwin, who was missing in the Topanga Canyon area, has been found. He wasn’t being chased by some Nigerian scam artists, he just had a case of the crazies.

A Topanga record producer who disappeared five days ago after he telephoned to say he was being chased down a creek by dogs was discovered in apparently good physical condition Friday at a canyon stream not far from where he vanished, authorities said.

Christian Julian Irwin, 48, was seen by a Topanga Canyon resident as he stood naked in a stream and washed a pair of pants, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Capt. Ray Peavy said. The resident, who at first thought the man was a transient, later recognized him as the missing producer and flagged down a passing police cruiser.

Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies, who had been searching for Irwin for days in sweltering heat, found him apparently suffering mental problems, Peavy said. “He was very delusional,” Peavy said. “He obviously suffered some mental setbacks.”

Irwin had been missing since Sunday, when he used his cellphone to call a friend just before 4 a.m. to say he thought he was being pursued by Nigerian scam artists. He reportedly left his house in a panic and stumbled down a canyon stream barefoot and lost his glasses.When authorities encountered him Friday, Irwin was “very upset and ranting and raving,” Peavy said. “He was still afraid that the Nigerians were there.”

I was watching Nancy Grace (I can’t help but watch her awfulness – it gives me much amusement) a few days after he had disappeared and Nancy was on fire. She didn’t have one, not two, but eight guests to comment on this story. The best was the clinical phycologist who kept going on and on about how Mr. Irwin could have gotten caught up in the whole Nigerian scam (I’ll give Nancy some credit for not believing a Nigerian scam had anything to do with it). Everyone of her guests kept mentioning that there weren’t a whole lot of leads in the case, but everyone kept on guessing what may have happened. Once thing that we did learn from the segment was that Diane Diamond has received Nigerian scam emails. Wow, she’s so real.

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