Miss USA Tara Conner Familiar With Rehab

December 28th, 2006 // 12 Comments

Tara Conner is currently locked up for 28 days, with nary a drink in sight. The National Enquirer has learned that this isn’t her first time down at the rehab. Oh, and her parents provided her with her current breasts as a high school graduation present.

In an exclusive story, The ENQUIRER reports in its new issue that Tara was sent to rehab in high school.

Along with a long history of drug use and underage partying with a string of Hollywood hunks, The ENQUIRER has learned Tara got breast implants as a high school graduation gift!

More dirt on the boozing Miss USA, after the jump.

The National Enquirer.

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According to a source in her Kentucky hometown, Tara was sent into a treatment program after being booted off her high school cheerleading squad.

“Tara had to go to an alternative high school after she won the title of Miss Russell County Fair,” the source told The ENQUIRER.

“She’d been booted off the Russell County High cheerleading squad because she was busted for having vodka, marijuana and boys in her room at the National Cheerleading Competition in Orlando, Fla.”

Jeremy Emerson, a high school classmate of Tara’s, added: “Tara was once escorted to the principal’s office for having beer in class. She was also removed from Russell County High for being drunk in class.”

Despite her party-girl reputation, Tara was determined to hit it big, said the source.

“Her parents gave her a boob job as a high school graduation gift because photographers told her that her breasts were too small for her to make it as a swimsuit model,” said the source.

I got completely f*cked over in high school. Where was my penis enlargement so I could impress the menfolk? Thanks, Mom and Dad! And where was the vodka, marijuana and boys in MY room at the National Cheerleading Competition in Florida? That’s the last time someone convinces me wearing a large animal head and being the mascot is “cool”.

By J. Harvey

  1. sandy

    Women with fake anything should NOT be able to be contestants. Nor should women who drink, smoke, do drugs, or act like fools.

  2. sandy

    Why no comments or story on Tim McDurrah? (The US weekly gossip columnist convicted of soliciting sex with a 13 year old???) That story is much more interesting than that freakshow of a Miss USA woman.

  3. BubblyDancer

    Poor Miss USA, like the world isn’t bad enough already with all the impending eating disorders that are floating around LA. Seriously is anyone that surpised. There are very few teens who have not engaged in any of the so called ‘immoral’ activity that Tara engaged in… According to all sources this year, there is not one good role-model for kids, everyone is so messed up so why is she any different. OMG, she took drugs, drank and had some fun!! Lets get a grip seriously!!!

  4. i mean seriously, who cares if she got fucked up? it’s up to her and almost everyone tries pot in highschool, and like 1 in 100 people dont drink. so are we really surprised? oh and breast implants? who cares, it if helps her get what she wants, power to her. at least they won’t sag in 25 years.

  5. minge-murderer

    me and 2 friends destroyed this girls minge one drunken knight in kt….now shes miss usa?

  6. minge-lover

    me and 2 friends destroyed this girls minge one drunken knight in kt….now shes miss usa? she smelled of baby oil and tuna salad…

  7. arroyo

    Wow, how shocking is it that, in this day and age, she has breast implants, regularly drinks and does some party drugs, sluts out (or is it ‘whores out’?) and ends up being Miss USA?

    Tara Conner, the future Tara Reid!

  8. Mark

    I can’t believe everyone is making such a big deal out of this. So she drank a beer. How many of you have never drank alcohol before you were 21? Give me a break. Stop the jealousy, and the whining. Leave the girl alone. As far as her breasts being fake, why should that matter? Like all of you women out there wouldn’t put silicon in your chest if it meant looking better.

  9. sarah

    its kinda hard to believe that she won miss usa pageant with such a bad highschool rep

  10. Tina

    She is a perfect representative of our current society and anyone who doesn’t grasp that is a naive moron. I would seriously wonder about someone who was too squeaky clean. I would think they had something REALLY dark they were working REALLY hard to hide. She is a healthy fun loving girl! Every guy would like to party with her and quite a few girls would too!

  11. Karen

    I know of MANY high school/college young women who do not do drugs (that includes alcohol), sex or party. They are beautiful people who are interesting, funny and great to hang with.

  12. fivelks

    I’ve worked music staff on pageants for a number of years, and I’m loving the general circus of hypocrisy in the way that all these pagent-supervisory personnel come off in all of this, from judges to owners and too many of the folks in between.
    The impression is that Tara C. fooled these judges (closer examination and experience shows, or nearly always reveals, that these contestants are generally brilliant young women, light-years smarter than they’re give due credit for, and are smart enough to functionally mask this to levels so as to not intimidate the judges, who, under general pattern, are by obvious orders of magnitude their intellectual inferiors) quite effectively, so now their point of spite is to threaten this crown recall and get the Donster to wag the “Apprentice” “You’re fired” finger at this lady. [No actual real-life ethics specifically available here, just a lot of media surgical tools being brought to this very public career operating table. And for humiliating use by such a staff of specialists!] What next? “Ms. Conner has not been able to fulfill her title duties effectively, and we continue to be concerned!” Right: She can’t because you’ve mandated she be locked up in the chem ward! Doy!
    I’m a performing arts teacher, and yet (perhaps oddly) not particularly a liberal. This pageant line of reasoning, however, is like some of our schools being assessed that the kids aren’t performing at level in core academics. Of course not; they’re being tested in class block after class block where they should be getting instruction instead! “Uh, yes Ms./Mr. Superintendent, that is, unfortunately, correct: Johnny can’t read because he was taking tests during the last eleven contact hours where and when he would otherwise have been receiving reading instruction.” Single cases of foolishness and poor strategic judgment, but we do eventually make up for it in volume…..
    And where are the judges when not ogling USA/Universe swimsuit “to assess contestant qualifications?” Too many of the pathetics I remember are partying hard, a fair number of them much likelier and ar more deserving candidates for chem rehab and family counseling than this young single woman.
    And the morality mogul who’s stepped forward to be the front comb-over clown? Didn’t we hear that he’s walked out on two marriages (with children; I believe also that Marla Maples was Miss Georgia some time back……pattern here?), firing trophy wives? Just what exactly is his own personal eligibility credential credential in all this people-assessment? Pageant ownership?
    Now, the recent soft-porn thing with with Miss Teen Nevada, that ouster is supportable in my view due to the blatancy and publicity (and THAT’s the real problem here, isn’t it, the p.r.? The business image?) of that true mess. We can only hope to heaven that none of the judges were involved in that kind of thing in their own personal lives, and this brings to mind one very equitable, in my humble opinion, potential judging qualification: Let’s get the staffing cronyism eliminated and put these judges through the wringer and the extensive background checking as will be later employed subjecting the contestants to this same level of heat……hopefully before the fact in the case of these judges. I think the contestants are owed this. Eliminate these dingdongs at the slightest breath of a background which might reveal underage drinking, illegal drugs use or purported promiscuity…….maybe even throw in some other ethical point-of-light rubrics such as, say, embezzlement, illegal gambling or inappropriate employee supervisory practices or harassment, and so forth. Let’s see just how far that kind of investigation is allowed to proceed (especially with this infamous pageant owner)!
    Fire El Donaldo; sack HIM if legitimacy is what’s sought here. And I’m not a Rosie fan. [She's a loudmouthed grub too much in love with the sound of her own voice and sheer visibility of her publicized lifestyle, who used to be a lot funnier when doing stand-up instead of sit-down.] Toss DT, and bring him on as a guest on “The View.” Too hot! Watch the ratings skyrocket. It might even outperform Jerry Springer, in this day of fashionable, exercised and patiently permitted American cultural road-rage.
    This reminds me of all the perceivedly culturally aware bimbo-illiuminati who jumped Michael Richards last month. What sterling cred is brought forth by the likes of Sharpton and Jackson, et.al., as spokespersons for that little debacle?
    Tara, honey: Hang In There. Call Vanessa, who has done very well in retrospect, and has outlasted the hypocrites, pageant chaperone Olive-Oyls and behavioral bean-counters. And get your book materials ready for next year. You’ll have a lot to say, and we will undeniably have a lot to learn by it.

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