Miss USA Tara Conner Familiar With Rehab

Tara Conner is currently locked up for 28 days, with nary a drink in sight. The National Enquirer has learned that this isn’t her first time down at the rehab. Oh, and her parents provided her with her current breasts as a high school graduation present.

In an exclusive story, The ENQUIRER reports in its new issue that Tara was sent to rehab in high school.

Along with a long history of drug use and underage partying with a string of Hollywood hunks, The ENQUIRER has learned Tara got breast implants as a high school graduation gift!

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The National Enquirer.

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According to a source in her Kentucky hometown, Tara was sent into a treatment program after being booted off her high school cheerleading squad.

“Tara had to go to an alternative high school after she won the title of Miss Russell County Fair,” the source told The ENQUIRER.

“She’d been booted off the Russell County High cheerleading squad because she was busted for having vodka, marijuana and boys in her room at the National Cheerleading Competition in Orlando, Fla.”

Jeremy Emerson, a high school classmate of Tara’s, added: “Tara was once escorted to the principal’s office for having beer in class. She was also removed from Russell County High for being drunk in class.”

Despite her party-girl reputation, Tara was determined to hit it big, said the source.

“Her parents gave her a boob job as a high school graduation gift because photographers told her that her breasts were too small for her to make it as a swimsuit model,” said the source.

I got completely f*cked over in high school. Where was my penis enlargement so I could impress the menfolk? Thanks, Mom and Dad! And where was the vodka, marijuana and boys in MY room at the National Cheerleading Competition in Florida? That’s the last time someone convinces me wearing a large animal head and being the mascot is “cool”.