Miss USA Responds to Recent Public Criticism About Her Slutty Behavior by Vowing to Better Herself And Possibly Pose For Playboy

Page Six tells us that Tara Conner might fully cement her Miss USA purity rehabilitation by posing nude. Er….

A JOB is waiting when Tara Conner gets out of rehab. Playboy wants to shoot the troubled Miss USA for its cover. Donald Trump and his execs at the Miss Universe Organization are mulling the offer. Conner, who hails from a small town in Kentucky, was nearly stripped of her title after it was alleged she was having sex with sleazy nightclubbing cads who were giving her cocaine. Said an insider, “If Trump allowed her to do it, it would have to be in good taste.” Which means she’ll keep her top on.

Mulling it over? What? Wait, didn’t he just make a big stink about her acting crazy and promiscuous and hoovering up the drugs? So you mean it wasn’t about morality, it was about getting in the news and maybe getting more viewers to watch Miss USA next go-round? Which leads to more advertising revenue? Really? So Trump was motivated by money? Trump? In his big ugly gold building? Nah.