Miss USA Embraces Boobs And Undies

Miss USA is putting out pictures that rival Maxim’s
hot 100
, with this year’s contestants in lingerie or braless in open shirts and sprawled out seductively on a bed. And yeah, people are complaining. The pageant calls them “tasteful” and a rep told TMZ “You can have brains and be smart and still be sexy.”

Why, yes you can, thank you for stating the obvious pageant people, but don’t show me boobies and pretend I’m going to be considering if she is well versed in the Classics. Tasteful isn’t my first thought, but they are not a big deal compared to a standard Reebok ad these days. I have zero complaint about the photos, but the pageant pretending they aren’t just blatantly just selling sex is lame. Just embrace it.

It’s actually a smart move, sexaulize the contest now before the next contestant’s half naked pictures come out  and you don’t have to pretend it’s a big deal. Of course it sucks for the girls who aren’t sluts.

Paula Miles, the state director for South Carolina, North Carolina and Louisiana says two of her pageant contestants called her before the photo shoot. “They saw what was taking place, and they called concerned, and my best advice to them was just to not compromise yourself. They were concerned, knowing that they had to participate in order to be competitive.”