Miss Thailand Shocked She Has To Live In Thailand

ordinarypeople Isn’t that typically implied when you win a national beauty pageant.

Australian beauty Angela MacKay has handed back her Miss Thailand crown just 10 days after winning it, saying her entirely unexpected triumph interfered with her modeling career.

“I really went into the competition because I just wanted to learn how to speak Thai and I wanted to have a Thai experience,” said the 21-year-old from Perth with an Australian father and a Thai mother. “I wanted to just learn about Thai culture. I honestly didn’t expect to win at all. It was a very, very big surprise to me,” she said before heading back to New York late on Tuesday to go back to modeling.

MacKay said she had been persuaded to enter by relatives in Thailand when she came for a visit and hadn’t realized that the title required her to stay in the country for the coming year. She returned the prize money of 1 million baht, a diamond crown worth 800,000 baht and a car.

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